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May 2021

Enabling Searches for Long-lived Particles and Precision Timing at CMS

Tipo de Evento: Seminario
Organiza: Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias
Dónde: Seminario online
Horario: 11:30:00 hr
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Enabling new long-lived particles (LLPs) searches at the LHC presents HEP research with unique opportunities. Introducing novel experimental techniques to identify and reconstruct LLPs will open up new possibilities for discoveries with striking signatures. I will present the current status of long-lived particles searches with a focus on CMS experimental results. I will follow a detector-based path and discuss the current efforts and coverage extension approaches. I will also discuss new ideas for increasing the acceptance and developing efficient triggers. As we enter the high luminosity era of the LHC, the CMS detector will be equipped with precision timing information in the form of two dedicated systems: the barrel timing layer and the endcap timing layer. These revolutionary upgrades will enable CMS with 4D reconstruction for the first time, and thus significantly enhance the physics reach of the LHC.

SPEAKER: Cristián Peña.
Fermilab / Caltech, USA.

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