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Dic 2020

Commodities are Not Industries! A Value Chain Example

Tipo de Evento: Seminario
Organiza: Escuela de Negocios
Dónde: Conexión vía Zoom.
Público: Abierto a todo público
Horario: 13:00:00 hr

Seminario de la Escuela de Negocios invita a la charla donde el profesor Patricio Aroca expondrá su investigación Commodities are Not Industries! A Value Chain Example

Leontief and Stone both received Nobel Prizes in Economics for development and extension of input-output (IO) analysis, a framework that has gained little traction in mainstream U.S.
economics. Although IO modeling has gained renewed focus in several problem domains, many contemporary economists eschew Stone’s enhancements, resulting in inconsistent analytics, even in top economics journals. In this paper, we use an increasingly common approach to value chain analysis as one example that demonstrates such conceptual misunderstandings and by presenting properly formulated alternatives, we demonstrate the extent of the consequences of neglecting the Stone enhancements and important role of reproducing results.

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Dic 2020
Organiza: Escuela de Negocios
Horario: 13:00
Dónde: Conexión vía Zoom.

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