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Abr 2021

CMS physics with tagged protons

Tipo de Evento: Seminario
Organiza: Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias
Dónde: Seminario online
Horario: 11:30:00 hr
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Speaker: Clemencia Mora.
Institution: Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

The Precision Proton Spectrometer (PPS) is a subdetector of CMS introduced in 2016, for the LHC Run 2. It provides tracking and timing measurements of protons scattered at small angles. Interesting physics can come from processes where protons interact without dissociating, just losing a fraction of momentum and deviating slightly from the beam, without exiting the beam-pipe.

PPS has collected more than 110 fb−1 of data over the course of the LHC Run 2, now fully available for physics analysis. The new results on central exclusive production (CEP) explored with with PPS shows the unique sensitivity which can be achieved using proton tagging. The upcoming LHC Run 3 will bring new opportunities for measurements with PPS.

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